Just before the elevator doors close, a leading book agent steps in. Are you ready to briefly describe the story you’ve been writing?

You won’t want to recite from memory! Instead, be ready with clear, concise key points in mind.

The doors close, the elevator hums, and it’s time for you to speak up with your story pitch!

You should share a few sentences to identify which readers would be most interested in it.

  • First, give the title and current state of progress.
  • Share the setting; the when and where of the novel.
  • Select the best option for each remaining drop-down list. That will suggest the age group of your future readership along with a genre and style they will enjoy.

Now that you’ve identified your story and its potential readership, click [Next] to continue.

  • Your story may have many characters. Still, for this brief format, a <i>central character</i> should stand out from all others.
  • The character might be a hero, or might not be terribly heroic. Choose the closest character type from the drop-down list.
  • Identify the life stage of that character. Often, it will match the reader; a young protagonist for a young reader, for example.

When you’re ready to briefly describe the PLOT, click [Next].

If readers do not turn the first few pages of your story, they are unlikely to ever see the end.

  • Your story pitch should reveal urgency, seen through the eyes of the central character. Choose the closest of the three options.
  • In a few words, describe the events that the central character must confront.
  • The story ends in great success or a bitter failure. It’s okay — even advisable — to share a spoiler: How do things turn out for your central character?

That’s it. [Next], you can have a draft of your story pitch sent to you… free, of course!

The information you’ve input will be formed into a first-draft story pitch. That may take a few minutes to arrive at your email address. Also, it might wind up in your “junk” folder. Please note that any information you share with SecondEyesEditorial will be kept confidential; not disclosed to anyone else! Also, we’d like to send our quarterly newsletter to you! Every issue includes the option to cancel.